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Body Analysis

Inverted Triangle

Your body is beautiful and should be celebrated!

Optic illusions goes a far way! Nobody needs to know what we are hiding underneath.
When analysing the female form we look at the following: segments, shape, bust, height, waist, hip, shoulders, neck length, buttocks and face shape. Wow, that is a mouthful! All the above determines the styling plan of your wardrobe i.e. the "what you can and can't wear" to look your best (and possibly a few sizes smaller!)

A Body Analysis determines the following:

- Whether you should tuck in your tops.
- Whether your pants should be high or low rise.
- Which materials you should opt for.
- The perfect neckline for your body.
- Where the focal point needs to be.
- The shape of bottoms that suits your shape best.


- Which fabric prints and textures suits you.
- Whether you can wear a polo-neck or scarf.
- How to diminish parts of your body you want to hide.
- How to draw attention to the parts you like best.
- Which hairstyles, hats, eyewear and earrings suit your face shape best.
...and the list goes on!

What is your body shape?

Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis.png

Colours speak louder than words...




The history of colour coding has been around since 1786. However, Suzanne Caygil introduced the idea that colours play a role in your physical appearance. She formulated the well known "Seasons" grouping. 

When colour coding a client we look at the following: hair colour, eye pattern, chroma, overtone, overtone and facial features and personality. It is only after an extensive process, we call "Colour Draping" that we group our client into one of 12 colour flows.

Why is it important to know which colours work best for your skin?
- You will know exactly which colours makes you look amazing!
- You will be introduced to an array of colours you never knew you could wear!
- You will receive a list of hair colours that would suit you.
- Which metals and gemstones work best on your skin.
- Make-up colours and techniques to enhance your skin and features.

It is interesting to note that Colour Personalities has first been theorised by Hippocrates, 2500 years back!. Your personality either indicates us what your colour flow is or your personality comes alive when we dress you in your correct colours.

Warm and Clear
Cool and Muted
Cool and Clear
Warm and Muted

In which group do you fit?


Style Personality

Personality begins where comparison ends.

Style Personalities

Our clothes reflect what is on the inside. There is nothing as beautiful as a woman who proudly wears the clothes that reflects her personality! We are bombarded with media, daily. - each giving their own opinion on how we should dress. It is important to find your voice within the noise.
There are 10 major style personalities. Each person has a dominant and sub-dominant style personality. What is yours?


Style Personalities

Style Personality

Wardrobe Planning

Every woman needs good basics.

Quality > Quantity: That is my rule! 
It is expensive to change up your wardrobe every few years. That is why I buy good quality basics for my "Capsule Wardrobe" and inexpensive trendier options that last as long as the trend does!

When we redesign a wardrobe, we first go through what we already have. We create "Keep", "Donate" and "Alter" piles. Then we create a list of all the basics we need. It is only after the basics are covered, that we look at other items that would suit your style personality and other items.


Clothes Hanging

Wardrobe Organising

Where there is order there is tranquillity.

Are you struggling to display all your beautiful items? Or is your cupboard place too small?

We have found ways to maximise your cupboard space while caring for and displaying your clothing items in the perfect way!

Not only will your cupboard be the one you have been dreaming about all along, but everything will have its place. You will gain more function out of your wardrobe. 


Well Organized Closet

Personal Shopping/Styling

The part where we do not shop till we drop!

Girl in Front of Shop Window

Whether shopping is your hobby or something you despise, we all need clothes on our bodies!

Women wastes up to R100 000 on a wardrobe every 4-6 years. Now, that is a lot of money that could have been saved or used in other ways!

If you are struggling to buy the right items, we can accompany you to the shops and show you the tricks we have up our sleeve.  We will help you achieve the confidence to buy any item you were too scared to purchase prior to our shopping experience! And you will save money in the long run!

We also do shooping and styling for any event, whether it be a photoshoot, gala evening, glamorous showcase or if you want to look beautiful for a day inside!


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