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Dear Sister is a letter to you, beautiful lady.

This project was born after an extensive journey of self-discovery and learning how to love me again. Even though I am an Image Consultant and I teach women how to feel and look great, I was not happy about myself. I found that there was little help along the way. There was no guideline on how not to feel the way I was feeling. I felt alone on this journey.

Dear Sister is there to help you along the way, to be a shoulder when you need it, a helping hand and to teach you the things that I needed to learn on my own...

Other than that we teach you how to be kind to yourself and to start loving yourself from the inside out. We also teach you how to stand out, because you do not deserve to diminish your worthiness, because of society!

We run an Online Course to teach you these methods. 

The Course Content includes:


- Skincare

- Grooming

- Body Basics

- Dress Code

- Career

Send us a message for the next course dates.

- Etiquette

- My Identity

- Confidence

- Body and mind

- Relationships

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